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Planning a large event is a hassle for anyone. Choosing the date, booking the venue, managing all the logistics... The most complicated part of all, however, is renting the necessary equipment and having the right technical support needed to make the event run smoothly.

The GTBC has been serving the greater Toronto area indoor cycling events for over 10 years. We have been technical support for the famous Gears 24-hour Spin-a-thon since the beginning.

We provide your event with the spin bikes you need and the technical support needed to ensure the bikes are running at their best for the duration of your event. Bikes are delivered prior to your event, set-up and tuned for riding. Technicians are always on hand during the event for any repairs needed and we will have replacements bikes on site to swap out the bike immediately should it become unrepairable.

Send us an email, or give us a call,
1.877.701.4822. We would love to discuss your event, big or small and how we can make it better. Sorry, but we can only accommodate events in Southern Ontario.

We'll make sure you're ready.