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Indoor / Spin® Bike Maintenance Course Overview

This course is designed for facilities with indoor cycling programs who wish to administer their fleet maintenance in-house. Facility management may wish to have a designated staff member trained to handle ongoing maintenance and service of their fleet. In the long view this course will reduce maintenance and overall operational costs. Further, this course provides the facility autonomy over their maintenance regime.

Who is right for the course?
This course is designed to suite a wide variety of students.

- Owners of private studios who wish to understand how to maintain their fleet and protect their investment.
- Corporate Wellness Managers and Directors.
- Facility Managers and Administrators.
- Designated personnel from commercial, corporate, institutional and educational facilities.
- Bicycle mechanics who wish to enhance their knowledge and skill-set.
- Indoor cycling and Spinning® instructors who wish to further their knowledge.

Where will the course be held?
The course will be held on the student’s site. This is because the student is taking the course to maintain their home fleet, it is essential that he/she learns on the bikes they will be maintaining.

What subjects will be covered?
The in-depth program curriculum addresses a broad range of topics including:

Drive train
- Lubrication (chain drive)
- Proper set up & adjustment
- Torque values pedals
- Torque values crank arms

Resistance assemblies
- Set up
- Tolerance
- Lubrication (non-magnetic assemblies)

- Bottom bracket
- Flywheel
- Pedal

Biometric integration
- Sensors
- Installation replacement
- Battery replacement

Frame considerations
- Sleeves
- Pop pins & adjustment knobs
- Corrosion prevention
- Protection

Best practice
- Tool use & selection
- Safety concerns & proper practice

- Weight racks

Does the student receive a certificate?

Yes. Upon completion of the curriculum and demonstrating the skills needed to successfully maintain a fleet of bikes at their home facility a certificate of competition will be presented.

How long is the course?
The course is a minimum of 6 hours and up to 8 hours in length depending on the student.

What does it cost and when is it offered?
The cost is $1399.00/student. The course fee covers tuition, consumable and tools listed below.

Contact GTBC for course scheduling details,

Note: This course is a prerequisite for the Indoor Bike / Spin® Bike Repair and Overhaul Training program designed for field fleet maintenance technicians.

Will the facility need to purchase specialized tools and lubricants?
No. GTBC will supply the basic tools, lubricants and consumables needed for fleet maintenance.

Consumables included:
- Grease gun
- Grease
- Silicone lube
- PTFE lube

Tools included:
- Pedal wrench
- 2-10 mm Allen key wrenches
- Phillips #1 & 2 screwdrivers
- 10-17 socket set
- 3/8 socket driver
- 10-17mm flat wrenches
- Adjustable wrench

Download a PDF of the course here

Program Contact:
Henrik Nielsen